Revised Skills

Rushing Skills

You can rush your skills (other than Use the Force) to complete them in less than the normal amount of time. For each -5 penalty that you accept, you lower the time required to use the skill by one step. See below:

One Hour Thirty Minutes Ten Minutes One Minute Full Round Standard Move Swift Free
Group Checks

The GM may call for a group check when a group’s performance as a whole is called into question, such as when using Stealth. To make a group check, each player makes a skill check, and their results are then averaged together to determine success.

Targeting Defense

When you would make a skill check to target a defense, you instead roll 1d20 + level + ability modifier. You suffer a -5 penalty if you are untrained, and gain a +2 bonus if you have skill focus in the skill.

Changed Skills

Some of the skills have been changed or combined. Refer to the panel on the left.

Revised Skills

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